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Princeton Review Gmat Cd Download

The Princeton Review is a well-known firm that helps students to boost their scores in GMAT, GRE, SAT, and other pre-college and business school tests across US universities. Although The Princeton Review is not related to Princeton University, it certainly benefits from the prestige and reputation of the school.

The GMAT course is well stocked with learning videos and study materials to help you get your best score. Want to know more about the GMAT? Take a look at our GMAT Scoring article.

The Princeton Review was set up in 1981 in New York, by two graduates who started tutoring students for the SAT, and it has grown to be one of the largest tutoring and consultancy firms in the US.

They offer tutoring, test prep, admissions counseling, and more to undergraduate students in high school and graduates across the US, to help them get accepted to their dream school.

In this article, we’ll look at the GMAT Test Prep courses available from The Princeton Review to help you choose if this is the right GMAT prep course for you.

The Princeton Review offers two courses that specialize in live online classroom sessions, which is a brilliant way to learn and prepare for the GMAT and makes these courses stand out from the rest.

The scheduled sessions help you to be accountable for your learning, keep you on track, and be part of a class group for support. You’ll also have direct access to your tutor, who is there to boost your learning.

The best elements of GMAT prep courses from The Princeton Review:

  1. 700 points + Course – For those looking to get into their dream school and boost their scores into the top percentile and access elite MBA courses
  2. Video Lessons – Live Online scheduled video lessons, providing at least 27 hours of classroom-style learning from expert teachers
  3. Practice, Practice, Perfect – The Princeton Review 10 full-length CAT practice tests to take across the course, you can practice and perfect your skills
  4. Price Packages – The Princeton Review has great value courses for the cost, which range from $500 to $1,500 to suit a range of budgets
  5. Classroom Learning – Be part of an online classroom with live sessions – no more than ten students per class in the 700+ points program