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The pandemic threw unexpected challenges to the world of students. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) however, saw this as an opportunity to innovate the system rather than to halt it. Hence,  GMAT Online was rolled out to help aspirants take the exam from the comfort of their homes while they fight the pandemic. Adding to the success of this instant shift of GMAT testing, GMAC announced that GMAT Online is here to stay indefinitely.

Attempting GMAT Online from the comfort of your Home!

Five years prior, could we have imagined taking GMAT from home? Of Course not! However, with GMAT Online in place, it is now a reality for aspirants.

The test is conducted for aspirants wanting to pursue a Business course or an MBA abroad. Anyone can take the GMAT Online test to seek an admission in the top Universities of the world. Candidates can take the test anytime by registering for GMAT Online on the official website.

GMAT Online is a computer-adaptive test. Depending on the correctness of your answers and your answering speed, the difficulty level of the questions are channelized.

Questions of GMAT Online cannot be skipped or revised. This implies that you cannot move forward in the test if you don’t answer. Also, you cannot go back to a question to change your answer.

What to expect in the online GMAT test? 

The GMAT test from home is no different than GMAT from a test center when it comes to the end goal. The purpose of the aptitude test is to check if you hone the qualities of becoming a successful Businessperson. GMAT online examines your critical observation skills, logical reasoning skills and your finesse in English communication.

The duration, scoring and number of test items is exactly the same in both GMAT formats.

The differences however, lie in a few other aspects.

GMAT Online V/s GMAT at Test Centre

Let’s look at how your experience taking the GMAT test at home is different from taking the GMAT test at a centre: 

Appointment availability: For GMAT Online, slots are available all the time since no physical allocation of the test centre needs to be done. Whereas, Slots for GMAT at test centres are available only during the operating hours of the center throughout the week. 

Test attempts: For GMAT Online: 2 online attempts are allowed. (These attempts are counted amongst the 5 GMAT exam attempts that are allowed in 12 months.) 

For GMAT at the test centre: 5 attempts are allowed in a 12-month period. A total of 8 attempts are allowed in a lifetime.

Scratch-work resources: During your GMAT Online test, you will have access to a built-in online-whiteboard. You’re also allowed to use your personal physical white board. However, you need to comply with the rules of using a physical white board during the test. 

At a physical test centre, you will be provided with a five page laminated booklet and 2 erase markers.

Note: GMAT online cannot be attempted in Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan owing to certain privacy norms.

The choice to attempt GMAT Online or to visit an actual test centre and appear for the exam lies in your hands. The decision will become a lot easier if you stay aware of the essential differences shared above.

Testing Board Of GMAT: Champion the four GMAT sections to kickstart your B-school journey

The 3hrs 7mins long GMAT Online exam is divided into four sections, namely, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing.